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Danshen and Tianqi promote blood circulation to remove stasis. Shiqi yin medicine, has the effect of replenishing lung and kidney. American ginseng has an qi effect. Mixing the attributes of the four kinds of herbs is a natural health care product that is not dry and suitable for all seasons. It can effectively expand the coronary arteries, increase the blood flow of the coronary arteries, lower blood pressure, lower blood viscosity, and assist in the treatment of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc., for people with or potential three high populations or cardiovascular symptoms. Has a health care effect.
丹參、田七活血化瘀藥。石斛補陰藥,有補益肺、腎功效。花旗參有補氣功效。就4種藥材的屬性混合,就是一種補而不燥,四季皆宜的天然保健佳品。它能有效擴張冠狀動脈、增加冠狀 動脈的血流量,降低血壓,降低血液黏稠度,輔助治療冠心病、糖尿病、高血壓、高血脂等,對具有或是潛在的三高人群或心血管症狀人群具有保健作用。


D/A Tongmai Sibao Powder 通脈四寶粉 120 g / bottle

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