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10 pastes/ box

This patch consists of three layers : heating layer, moxa leaf layer and adhesive layer.

The heating layer consists of reduced iron powder, activated carbon, edible salt, water absorbent resin.

The moxal leaf bag is made up of a spunlaced non-woven fabric. The adhesive layer is made by coating medical pressure sensitive. which could stick to the skin directly.

產品由發熱層, 艾葉包, 背膠組成. 發熱層由還原鐵粉, 活性炭, 食用鹽, 吸水機脂材料組成.

艾葉包材質由水刺無妨布組成. 背膠層由醫用壓敏膠攤塗於水刺無妨布組成, 可直接粘貼於皮膚.


Deity of America Moxibustion Warm Patch 太神牌艾灸貼

SKU: 5025
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