4 pads / box

. Using for knee synovitis, Jointill, Traumatic synovitis, Infrectious synovitis;

  適用於膝關節滑膜炎, 創傷性滑膜炎,炎症性滑膜炎;

. Bone wet synovitis, Tuberculous synovitis, Synovitis of the knee;


. Ankle synovitis, Hip synovitis, Bursitis, Traumatic arthritis, Osteoarthritis;


. Rheumatosd arthitis, Postpartum wind, Join pain, Swelling variant, difficulty walking 


Han Fang Eliminate Inflammation Pain Health Care pads 4 pads 漢方消炎鎮痛靜電理療貼

SKU: 5014

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