1. Rapid Analgesic dehumidoification & Detoxification; 快速止痛除濕, 排毒排酸;

2. Rapidly Regulates Body Balance & Improve Your Immunity; 快速疏通經脈, 調節體內平衡, 提高免疫力;

3. Made Of Traditional Herbs & Plants; 藥食同源, 本草植物, 標本兼顧;

4. Weakens Fatty Food Residue And Also Promotes Your Overall Appetite; 弱鹼性食品, 促進食欲;

5. This is a Scientific Extraction Based on a Secret Traditional Ancient Formula. 科學提取, 秘制配方.


Net Wt : 5g x 10 Tea Bags

Pure Chinese Special Gout Tea 純中藥特效痛風 ( 勁 ) 茶

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