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. Speed Up Decomposing Neutral Fat;  促進中性脂肪分解;

. Prevent Storing Up of Neutral Fat;  抑制中性脂肪蓄積;

. Prevent Mouth's Off-odor;  預防口臭, 暗瘡;

. Repress Sugar Absorbing;  抑制糖分吸收;

. Discharge Toxin And Urine; 利尿排毒; 

. Regulate Orgarnic Balance.  調節機能平衡;

. Help Those Who Suffer From Constipation. 解毒排便.


Net Wt : 3g x 30 bags

Reishi Slim-Express Tea 靈芝纖形減肥茶

SKU: 6007
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