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Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules / bottle, 3 bottles per set


. No Toxic or Side Effect;  無毒, 無副作用

. Regulate The Nerves and Body Functions;  調節神經及體內機能

. Inhibit The Activeness Of Heterocysts;  抑制異細胞的活性

. Protect and Strengthen Liver;  保護及強化肝臟

. Enhance The Immune and Regulatory Functions;  增加免疫調節功能

. Restrain The Production Of Free Radicals;  抑制自由基的產生

. Prevent Cancer, Discharge Toxin, Improve Hypertension;  防癌, 排毒, 改善血壓

. Promote Blood Circulation and Metabolism.  促進血液循環和新陳代謝


Reishi Spore Oil Set 金裝靈芝孢子油套裝

SKU: 1000-1
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