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Tibet Tonic Hair Growth Restorer was carefully researched and developed for various problematic hair follicle and scalp problems. 髮神生髮液是經過精心研究及開發, 適用於各種有問題的毛囊和頭皮的問題.


It will improve circulation to the follicles and enhances the capillary vessels of the follicles.

它可以改善毛囊的循環, 增强了毛囊的毛细血管.


This all results in stimulating the fillicle which assists the hair to grow healthy, look shiny and feel great.

同時它會刺激毛囊細胞, 帮助頭皮健康成长, 令頭髮看起來更有光泽, 感觉非常好.




D/A Tibet Tonic Hair Growth Restorer 1.7 oz 髮神生髮液

SKU: 2062

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